To Catch a Falling Star - Twice Nightly
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The Sequel - To Catch a Falling Star including the short story "The Landladies Convention"
The second novel in my Tales from series.
 To Catch a Falling Star will begin in the December of 1969 and through the summer of 1970.  The Theatre will once again become the focus of the twice nightly variety format with some new characters and one or two  from the original, readers have expressed they have loved.   But there is a lot more to this story than just what goes on in the theatre.  Find out what happens to your favourite characters.
 Secrets, Memories, Laughs,Loves and Losses are all within the pages of the sequel to “Twice Nightly”ToCatch a Falling Star. Tony's characters come alive on the page as the sounds of the seaside gently in the background.  Return to a simpler time when texts, and were yet to be discovered. 
Author's suggestion read the short story "The Landladies Convention" at the of the first and then To Catch a Falling Star

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