Curtains! - To Catch a Falling Star - Twice Nightly
CURTAINS!  due Autumn 2015
The story continues in this new novel set in Great Yarmouth and Brokencliff on sea in the year 1971

  • Has Rita Ricer bitten off more than she can chew employing Mona Buckle?  
  • Will Ted's Variety Bar at the Golden Sands pass muster? 
  • Who exactly is the lady topping the bill.
  • Can the theatre at Brokencliff on sea be saved?
  • Freda has a new perfume!!!!!
  • What is the new backstage manager at The Golden Sands hiding?
  • Rick O'Shea and the Ramblers make a BIG impression, especially when one of the landladies becomes besotted with the lead singer.
  • Find out what goes on beyond the gates of Owlerton Hall
  • Enid continues to get to grips with "the new money"
  • Who will become the new Chairman of "GAGGA"?
  • Is running a hotel all it is cracked up to be?
  • Lilly Brockett finds a sweetheart and will she say "yes" when marriage is proposed?
  • Just who is Dixie?

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